Telekom’s employees cycled on their way to the office as part of the European project Bike2Work

  • Telekom Romania joined the Bike2Work project and developed an internal communication campaign that promoted cycling as the main means of transportation to the office;
  • Telekom’s involvement in this project represents a continuation of the company’s actions to reduce CO2 emissions and to encourage a healthy lifestyle for its employees.

Telekom joined the European project Bike2Work which had as main goal encouraging its staff to use bicycles as means of transportation to and from the office, as well as increasing their responsibility towards the environment.

"We wish to encourage our staff to change the world they are living in, including by choosing a healthier option of arriving at the office. Each year, we continue implementing environmental programs for all our business’ operations which help improve the environment we live and work in. Amongst these programs, an important role is played by internal initiatives which we develop constantly and through which Telekom Romania employees are actively supporting the sustainable development of the environment", stated Ruxandra Voda, Corporate Communication Director Telekom Romania.

As part of the Bike2Work project, Telekom’s employees were encouraged to adopt a sustainable behavior towards the environment by using bicycles as an alternative means of transportation. Between the 18th of May – 28th of June, 68 people have registered who pedaled 2,600 kilometers.

At the end of the competition, the most diligent people were awarded prizes. In February 2015, an internal questionnaire at which approximately 500 employees took part in concluded that 20% of the participants declared that they frequently use bicycles as means of transportation to the office.

The European Project, Bike2Work, co-financed by the European Union is organized in Romania through the Green Revolution Association and is taking place in 11 countries: Holland, Germany, Denmark, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, United Kingdom, France, Croatia, Malta and Bulgaria.

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