Entrepreneurship from Plan to Reality

On December 14, 2017, the Telekom Romania Foundation organized the workshop "Entrepreneurship from Plan to Reality" held by Adrian Florea, trainer in entrepreneurship, but also a successful entrepreneur with a rich experience in various fields.

The workshop was addressed to people who wanted to understand how Entrepreneurship can be used in various fields, including social and humanitarian.

During the Workshop, which was attended by 20 people, Adrian Florea offered the guests the experience "The Bucket", which determined them to go beyond the impossible and create the most beautiful garden in the largest desert of the world.

From planning to actual realization, the participants had the opportunity to manage valuable resources, to face the pressure of time and to face the challenges, which did not stop appearing, all for the vision of each to become reality.

The workshop was an experiential learning, from plan to reality, so that participants can learn:

  • How to use their creativity in developing the plan;
  • How to fill your time with activities that really matter;
  • How to develop the ability to enjoy the results;
  • To take risks and turn their plan into reality;
  • To have the courage to dream big and to turn that dream into reality.
  • And last but not least, to dare to take the first steps in the world of Entrepreneurship.

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