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Children in Difficulty Foundation

In 2020, in the critical situation generated by the evolution of the Covid pandemic19, the Telekom Romania Foundation financially supported the Children in Difficulty Foundation to ensure the protection and specialized care of 19 children with severe neurological disabilities from the Specialized Center for Children with Deep Disabilities Sfânta Margareta in Bucharest .

The children are aged between 0-19, abandoned in their parents' hospitals and currently benefiting from a special protection measure. They are immobile, have associated diseases and an increased risk of infections, some being fed through the gastrostomy, breathing with the help of tracheostomes, in difficult situations requiring even the use of oxygen devices.

Founded in 1991, the mission of the Children in Difficulty Foundation is to give disadvantaged children a second chance.

The foundation provides safety, care, hope and affection to children affected by incurable or terminal illnesses, children at high risk of dropping out of school or children from families in difficulty in specialized centers in Bucharest and Curtea de Argeș.

How do the representatives of the Foundation describe the situation they are in

"You have money, you have escaped!

We decided to choose this saying which is very true.

There are many things to say about money, but when you are literally with your back to the wall and no options for caring for children with special needs, you need to find solutions quickly.

Caring for a child with serious neurological disorders is extremely expensive, being amounts that can easily reach 8,000 lei.

In times of crisis, these children become forgotten if their voices are not heard.

It is not the case this time to be forgotten, because their voices were heard and again our children had the opportunity to discover what some heroes look like.

Thanks to the Telekom Foundation! ”

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