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Telekom Romania Foundation donates 42,000 lei for Robert Cadar, the young runner and photographer diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.

Bucharest, June 11, 2018 - The organizers of the Brasov International Marathon, powered by Telekom Sport support social causes and direct, through the Telekom Romania Foundation, the amount of 21,000 lei to Robert Cadar from Brasov, runner and photographer diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. The amount represents double the donations made through the Galantom platform and the equivalent of half of the competition registration fees registered after May 4, 2018.

In addition, the Telekom Romania Foundation decided to double the value of the donation to the amount of 42,000 lei, because supporting social causes in difficulty is one of its fundamental objectives.

"This year, we were honored to have Robert Cadar as ambassador of the Brașov International Marathon, from whom we all learned. Robert tells us the story of the struggle with self in overcoming limits, of values and power, motivation and passion and, perhaps most importantly, he tells us the story of strength, optimism and hope. We are with him on. Thank you, Robert, for the life lesson! ”, Said Ionela Paunică, Executive Director, Telekom Romania Foundation and Senior PR Coordinator, Telekom Romania.

"We always humbly support Robert Cadar, a man who inspires us through his struggle and the way he coagulated a beautiful community of runners around him, which he constantly involved in promoting various humanitarian causes. It is our way of thanking him for what he does for people who need help or motivation and for his role as a model for the generations to come, but also for all those who are fighting this terrible disease called cancer, "he said. Vlad Stoica, General Manager, smartatletic.

The donated money will help Robert in the next period to pay the cost of the medical interventions he will undergo in France and England.

The competition organizers and the local community, in addition to supporting Robert Cadar, encourage and promote the widespread adoption of sport and a healthy lifestyle. In this sense, the Cross of the University of Transylvania was passed under the umbrella of the Marathon, and the people of Brasov were granted free access to the Popular Races and the Children's Race.

The Brașov International Marathon powered by Telekom is a major sporting event, an occasion for celebration for the host city, but also for the promotion and discovery of tourist, cultural and gastronomic objectives in Romania.

The 2018 edition of the Brașov International Marathon was organized by the Seven Stairs Association, Transilvania Expres Foundation and Smart Atletic Team, in partnership with Telekom Romania - the main partner of the event, Brașov City Hall, Brașov County Council, Romanian Athletics Federation - institutional partners, Cinema One - gold partner, Intersport, Banca Transilvania, Eva Energy, Invest, Paradisul Acvatic - silver partners, Dorna, PowerBar - revitalization partners, Columbia, Brasov Trail Adventures - technical partners, Gral Medical - prevention partner and Telekom Sport - media partner.

More details about the event are available on the website www.maratonulbrasov.ro and on the Facebook page of the competition, www.facebook.com/maratonulbrasov.

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