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Telekom Romania Foundation and Romanian Red Cross offer aid to 100 vulnerable families in rural areas.

Telekom Romania Foundation and Romanian Red Cross organized on Monday, January 28, a humanitarian action through which they offered aid for 100 vulnerable families from rural areas. Within this initiative were distributed over 100 tons of cut wood and 1.3 tons of basic food to people in difficulty in the villages Năeni, Fântânele, Fințești, Proșca and Vârf din Buzău, comuna Mărculești and Sudiți from Ialomița, comuna Gurbănești, village Valea Presnei and comuna Mânăstirea, village Coconi from Călărași, villages Panduru, Caugagia, Ceamurlia de Sus, Camena and Baia from Tulcea.

The beneficiaries were selected on the basis of social surveys conducted by local town halls and the products offered are particularly important for these people, who face a constant struggle for survival.

"Doing well is in the DNA of the Telekom Romania Foundation for which special cases are always a priority. We try to help every time we are asked for support and by collaborating with the Romanian Red Cross we are sure that we reach those who are really in difficulty", declared Ionela Păunică, Executive Director of Telekom Romania Foundation and PR Expert of Telekom Romania.

100 poor families received at home a ton of firewood and 13 kg of food, distributed with the help of volunteers.

"People in need are constantly fighting hunger. In the cold season their situation becomes critical. Whether we are talking about single elderly people or families with many children, they struggle with the cold every day. Often the temperature outside is equal to the temperature in their homes. We thank our partner, Telekom Romania Foundation, with whom we were able to bring warmth and hope in their humble homes ", declared Ioan Silviu Lefter, General Manager, Romanian Red Cross.

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