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Telekom Romania Foundation and the Romanian Olympic Foundation join their forces for Romania’s athletes

  • Telekom Romania Foundation will financially support five Romanian ex-athletes, for a year, with the sum of 6,000 Euros

Telekom Romania Foundation has signed a partnership agreement with the Romanian Olympic Foundation to financially support the project "Together for Romania’s athletes". Professional sports is associated with the medals and successes of athletes that compete in national and international sports competitions. Presently, the majority of professional athletes, who stopped competing, do not receive the financial support that they deserve and need.

"Telekom Romania Foundation has as main objective improving the quality of life of people that are in difficult social situations. The Foundation’s involvement in the project "Together for Romania’s athletes" represents our engagement to directly help Romanian athletes. The legacy these athletes leave behind represents a philosophy of life that promotes a balance between sports, discipline and education, values that we identify ourselves with. For this, athletes must be supported by the community they are part of", stated Ruxandra Voda, Member in the Board of Directors, Telekom Romania Foundation.

"The amazing performances athletes have throughout their career do not necessary represent a certainty of material wealth. For this reason, there are ex-athletes who are faced with serious health problems that cannot manage financially. Through the "Together for Romania’s athletes" project pertaining to the Romanian Olympic Foundation, we have chosen to offer a concrete support to them. The involvement of Telekom Romania Foundation’s means another step made ​​towards relieving the suffering of beneficiaries and I thank them because they understand how important it is to be next to athletes in moments of vulnerability", said Andreea Raducan, President, Romanian Olympic Foundation.

Telekom Romania Foundation supports the project "Together for Romania’s athletes" developed by the Romanian Olympic Foundation and offers, for a year, a financial support of 100 Euros/month to 5 ex-athletes with serious health problems.

  • Beţiu Dumitru – Double medalist at the World Championships, multiple medals at various national and international World Cups at canoe kayak;
  • Ganea Petre – Multiple national champion, gold medal at various national and international box competitions;
  • Istrate Nicolae – Multiple national champion at fencing, coach and armorer;
  • Stoichiţă Paul – Member of the national Olympic lot – multiple medalist at the European Championships, and national and international weightlifting competitions;
  • Vladescu Ioan – Multiple national champion at wrestling and 1st category coach for performance groups of children and youth.


 About Telekom Romania Foundation

Telekom Romania Foundation is a non-profit organization, which supports different categories of people in special situations, social causes, and children with serious diseases, talented young people and answers to humanitarian appeals in case of natural disasters.

The Foundation aims at identifying, through direct interaction with employees and communities, the areas and social categories which need priority support and answering the real needs of these categories in due time.

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