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The Telekom Romania Foundation, in partnership with Telekom Romania and the Romanian Red Cross, helps the needy people from Olt county

Bucharest, January 18, 2018: In the cold season, people from vulnerable categories are the most affected. The Telekom Romania Foundation in partnership with Telekom Romania and the Romanian Red Cross came to the aid of needy people in Olt County with basic food and hot food.

Yesterday, January 17 this year, 1.5 tons of perishable food and 200 packages of hot food reached 50 families with many children, elderly people or people with disabilities in the villages of Corbu, Burdulești, Ciurești, Buzești and Milcoveni in the commune Corbu. The beneficiaries were selected based on social purchases made by the local mayor's office. Thus, each beneficiary received bags of perishable food and hot food packages at home.

"We have been with the Red Cross for over 15 years, supporting their humanitarian initiatives. In order to have strong communities, we need to join forces to help them get through difficult times. It is sad because there are still areas where people are struggling with severe poverty and helplessness, that is why we need as many such self-help actions as possible ”said Ionela Paunică, Executive Director, Telekom Romania Foundation.

“Poor rural families feel much more about their daily needs and worries during the winter. That is why the Red Cross doubles its aid interventions in the cold season. We thank our partner Telekom Romania Foundation for joining our humanitarian mission once again. Said Ioan Silviu Lefter, general manager of the Romanian Red Cross.

The food was donated and distributed by the Telekom Romania Foundation, with the help of Telekom volunteers and the Red Cross Olt branch.

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