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Invest in the future / Invest in your idea

As an entrepreneurship training provider, in 2018, the Telekom Romania Foundation continued its strategic programs in this field and organized an entrepreneurship course for 12 people interested in developing their own business idea or occupying a position in business management. . This program complemented Telekom's strategy to support young Romanian entrepreneurs through several initiatives dedicated to them.

The aim of this course was to train and improve business professionals, starting from simple business ideas and putting them into practice, as a result of the knowledge, skills and abilities acquired within it.

The training program was oriented towards the development of basic and essential features that guide the entrepreneur on the path to business success: discipline in thinking and planning, self-control, perseverance, vision, confidence in success, open thinking to opportunities, proactive attitude, competitive character, creative and innovative approach, perseverance in achieving goals, good communication skills to promote products and services, but also to support and motivate the team, permanent concern for business development, no matter where they are, passion - the engine mainly in achieving entrepreneurial success. The development of these features is absolutely necessary for anyone who wants to launch and run a successful business.

The structure of the course included:

Basic notions regarding the profile and competencies of the entrepreneur;

Getting started with a business;

The characteristics of a viable business plan;

Characteristics of marketing strategy and promotion policy;

Notions of primary accounting and sources of financing a business;

Types of risks and business development strategies.

“Whether you are starting a business from scratch, working in a new field of a successful organization or looking for a way to invest in business, entrepreneurial skills and knowledge are the most important for fulfilling your ambitions and for financial gain. expected. The more profitable your company or business becomes, the greater the need to adapt to changes in the market. The success of a long-term business consists in capitalizing on any opportunities arising depending on the evolution of the market and the ability to identify any opportunities or needs not yet initiated in the market or developed, "said Ionela Păunică, Executive Director of Telekom Romania Foundation.

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