MediWeb - the first computer system for patient management, implemented at the “Grigore Alexandrescu” Emergency Clinical Hospital for Children, with the support of the Telekom Romania Foundation

  • The Telekom Romania Foundation provided the necessary equipment for the development of the IT system for the management of patients in the outpatient clinic of the Emergency Clinical Hospital for Children "Grigore Alexandrescu" in Bucharest;
  • “Grigore Alexandrescu” Hospital is the first public hospital to implement a system     to streamline patient management and waiting time.

 The “Grigore Alexandrescu” Emergency Clinical Hospital for Children in Bucharest inaugurated today the computer system for patient management, MediWeb, implemented with the support of the Telekom Romania Foundation. "Grigore  Alexandrescu" is, thus, the first public hospital that streamlines patient management and waiting time, integrating technology into the relationship with patients.

 Within the project, the Telekom Romania Foundation provided the necessary equipment for the development of the IT system for patient management. The system integrates equipment such as: TV monitors, tablets, routers and state-of-the-art printers.

  In addition, the Telekom Foundation has modernized the hospital waiting area with special furniture for children and baskets for selective waste collection.

 The record number of patients who presented in the last years at the outpatient Orthopedics and Pediatric Surgery of the hospital, over 250 presentations per day, made the patient experience unpleasant, and the long waiting time, over 2-3 hours, to harm the quality of medical services provided. Thus, MediWeb ensures a better internal organization and an integrated management of the specific information of the circuit that patients have to follow in the medical unit.

  Each patient who presents to the outpatient department receives a rounded order number from the system, which he will use throughout the circuit and which will allow him to maintain order in accessing medical services.

 "With the help of technology, hospitals can benefit today from efficient solutions to be able to offer patients quality medical services. We are glad to be part of this initiative and we want our approach not to remain singular. We are convinced that these functionalities, available for the first time in a public hospital in Romania, will increase the quality of the medical act by reducing the waiting time, quick access to the patient's history and by facilitating internal communication. The benefits are multiple, both for patients and for the hospital ", said Ionela Păunică, Executive Director, Telekom Romania Foundation and Communication Expert, Telekom Romania.

  In addition to its usefulness in dealing with patients, the computer system allows a clear record of the number of people who have benefited from medical services and the type of diseases treated, which is the prerequisite for statistics and medical research. At the  same time, the work processes are improved by centralizing the information, creating an electronic register with the patients and printing the patient's prescription in the final phase of the circuit.

„The results obtained during the testing period of the computer system indicate both an improvement of the patient experience within the Orthopedics-Surgery outpatient clinic, and of the doctors' experience. The waiting time of the patients decreased by about 40%, while the time allocated to the consultation increased by 75%, in favor of the patient. All the information that the doctors recorded manually is now taken over by the computer system and forms the patient's electronic file. This makes the transition from using a classic medical register to a secure database. At the same time, the information collected facilitates the production of statistics and future medical research.

The MediWeb hospital information system was developed with the support of our colleague, Dr. Alexandru Herdea, a resident doctor who can be considered the model of youth involvement in improving the medical system. This computer system, which is constantly adapting to technological advances, allows increasing the time and quality of the medical act ", said Assoc. Prof. Dr. Alexandru Ulici, Manager of the Emergency Clinical Hospital for Children" Grigore Alexandrescu ".

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