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On Saturday, April 21, our colleagues, along with children, spouses, participated in the action carried out by the Telekom Foundation for the arrangement of the Botanical Garden.

During this session, a space dedicated to the promenade and recreation was arranged, planting magnolias, and in the next sessions, the space will be arranged with paving and benches.

Everyone participated, young and old, in completing, beautifying and coloring the landscape of a place full of history.

Images during the session can be viewed here.

We would like to thank all the colleagues who chose to get involved in this action.


News 8.03.2018

Let's finish what we started together 2 years ago!

On Saturday, March 24, we invite you to join again our team of volunteers for arranging the space in the Systemic Sector within the Botanical Garden.

To register, write to us at comunicare@telekom.ro.

You're welcome!

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