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Telekom Romania launched the 2015 CSR Report

Telekom Romania complies with corporate governance principles by assuming responsibility for employees, economic development, ecology and social aspects in all its business activities. Corporate responsibility contributes to the company’ business strategy, Telekom Romania joining in May 2015 the UN Global Compact and pledging to its ten principles, gradually implementing them in its compliance system. In addition, Telekom undertook and acts upon the 17 Sustainability Development Goals of UN Global Compact.

Telekom Romania holds an audited compliance system and a number of ISO certifications, being the first telecom operator (through formerly Romtelecom) in Romania to receive certification for information security (ISO 27001) since 2006. The certifications direct to improving the quality of services and customer satisfaction, reducing environmental impact, providing a safe working environment for employees, protecting information and personal data, assuring business continuity, and identifing and preventing risks.

Another aspect of corporate responsibility is harmonizing the common interests and expectations of sustainability with key influencers in the materiality assessment process that took place this year and was performed with over 150 representatives from 35 organizations.

Interview with Miroslav Majoroš CSR

One of the priorities that emerged from this assessment is the focus on responsible and sustainable products and services such as Smart City - to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and Data Privacy – to protect the privacy right of citizens in a virtual environment. Since 2015, Telekom engaged in an unprecedented process of informing and educating society to adopt Smart City integrated solutions. Also Telekom Romania ensures that all data in its possession are used only for the purposes for which they were collected and stored and are well protected.

Telekom Romania is actively involved in multiple activities supporting the community through sponsorship activities, social programs, health prevention campaigns, in a way that encourages the use of technology for community development. Thus, numerous projects designed by NGOs are funded annually under the program Teimplici.ro, Telekom provides scholarships for exceptional students, and through the Sport is Good campaign stimulates a large number of Romanians to lead a healthy life. The company’s investment in in society surpasses 600,000 euros in 2015.

Last but not least, Telekom Romania supports the environment protection by adopting a integrated management (includind environment) policy and programs to stimulate collection and recycling of waste, reducing consumption of energy and resources, having always in mind that the sustainable future means operating the business with renewable energy sources.

We invite you to read extensively about all the above in our 2015 Corporate Responsibility Report.

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