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Telekom Romania and the Telekom Romania Foundation support small IT professionals through a new edition of the CoderDojo workshops in Bucharest

The CoderDojo Bucharest programming workshops are preparing to welcome a new series of participants in the 2020-2021 school year. Over 300 children aged between 8 and 17 will learn about programming in the workshops held by Telekom Romania, Telekom Romania Foundation and Coder Dojo Association Bucharest. These are free and will take place online throughout the period when there will be restrictions imposed in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the dates, frequency and duration of each workshop will be set by the mentors, together with the participants.

This year, students were able to choose from a range of 21 workshops that present concepts and contribute to the acquisition of digital skills for a wide range of technologies. Thus, at the registration, the participants could opt for one of the three available categories, depending on their age and level of training, each of them proposing workshops with adapted themes and level of difficulty:

  • Explorer, a category addressed to children aged between 8 and 12, who want to discover the notions of programming. Participants will take part in workshops on and with programming languages ​​and technologies such as Scratch, Microbit and Minecraft Education Edition.
  • Adventurer, a category dedicated to children aged between 12 and 15, eager to discover and learn programming languages ​​with lines of code in workshops on Algorithmics, Java Script and Python.
  • Master, a category developed for teenagers (13-17 years old) with an advanced level of knowledge and understanding in the field of programming languages, who want to pursue a career in IT; workshops addressed to them include detailed information about algorithms - advanced level, web development, Flutter and Godot.

Due to the high demand for introductory workshops in algorithmics, Java Script and Python, the organizers have supplemented their number with three more, so that students can participate in as many numbers as possible. The themes and curriculum for each of the three categories described above were developed by volunteer mentors, specialists in programming, robotics and the latest technologies. CoderDojo Bucharest workshops thus provide current knowledge about the constantly evolving fields, all in an attractive and pleasant manner.

“We are glad that we can continue this initiative and we thank both the volunteer mentors and the participants for their involvement. The year 2020 came not only with challenges for each of us as an individual, but also for us as a society, unfortunately hitting institutions and areas that are at the very core of society. These include the education system, and the fact that we can contribute to the training of young IT specialists is very important to us. It may seem a happy paradox, but the reality is that, now more than ever, through technology we make possible the development of those specialists who in a few years will open the way to the technologies of the future. It is a responsibility we assume, knowing that every contribution we make to the development of the digital skills of the young generation is a step forward into the future ", said Ruxandra Vodă, Corporate Communication Director, Telekom Romania.

Telekom Romania and the Telekom Romania Foundation support the project of the CoderDojo Bucharest Association, contributing to the formation, development and improvement of digital skills of children and adolescents. The specialists thus trained will be able to integrate more easily on the labor market, while responding to the growing demand for labor in the field of IT services.

"We start this new edition in 2020 with many challenges due to the events we face these days and which also have an implication in the educational system. Together with Telekom Romania and the Telekom Romania Foundation, we will be able to provide children with the right environment to learn programming skills and more, and with the help of technology we will be able to continue the online learning system so that children can learn and learn. and can develop qualities in the mysteries of programming. All this would not be possible without volunteer mentors, whom we thank because this year they are with us to introduce the little ones to the secrets of programming ", says Oana Vasilache, President, CoderDojo Bucharest.

CoderDojo is an international movement, initiated in Ireland in 2011 with the aim of providing interested children with the context in which they can learn programming in an informal environment, through regular sessions, outside the school curriculum. At CoderDojo, children learn to program, develop websites, applications, programs, games and much more. Dojos are initiated, led and mentored by volunteers. CoderDojo turns programming into a social and fun experience.

CoderDojo Bucharest North, supported by Telekom Romania and the Telekom Romania Foundation, is the first CoderDojo workshop organized in Romania.

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