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Telekom Romania launches the 2015 edition of Teimplici.ro project, with total grants of up to 70,000 euros

  • This year’s edition will support maximum 10 projects implemented by NGOs with the help of the new information technologies
  • Projects can be submitted between November 6th - 30th, 2015.

Telekom Romania announces a new edition of the Teimplici.ro project which will focus on identifying projects implemented in communities with the help of new information technologies in the areas of education, health, environment, innovation, development and social protection. Non-governmental organizations can submit up to 3 projects each within the themes of this year’s edition of Teimplici.ro platform. Projects can be submitted between November 6th and 30th, 2015.

“We want to identify as partners for the investments in the Romanian community NGOs promoting new information and communication technologies, aiming at using them to beneficiaries’ interest through the projects they develop. We refer here, for instance, to technologies for the benefit of people with various disabilities, educational projects which integrate digital media and information tools or applications which can improve environment protection; at the same time, we encourage creativity in using these modern tools also in projects from the areas of innovation, development and social protection”, stated Ruxandra Voda, Corporate Communication Director at Telekom Romania Group of companies.

The eligible criteria of the projects include: the capacity to generate sustainable and measurable results, NGOs contribution of minimum 20% from the total value of the project, the requested amount per project to be of maximum 7,000 euro. More details about the conditions of participation and project eligibility criteria are available on the competition’s website in the Terms and conditions section.

Projects will be assessed in two stages: 20 finalists will be selected between December 1st  -14th, 2015. In the second stage, between December 16th and 17th, 2015, the 20 projects will be presented to a jury, and latest on December 23rd, the winners of the 2015 edition of teimplici.ro will be announced.   

The members of the jury are: Cristina Bazavan – blogger, Cristi China-Birta – blogger,

Cristiana Bogăţeanu – Founding member Device.hub, Lăcrămioara Botezatu – Project Manager www.csrmedia.ro, Raluca Ezaru – Manager of Internal Communication, Events and Corporate Responsibility Telekom Romania, Monica Ioana Popescu and Florina Şerban – Senior coordinators Internal Communication, Events and Corporate Responsibility Telekom Romania.

Teimplici.ro project was launched in 2014 following a survey held at national level, where Romanians were invited to express their opinion regarding the most important directions in which investments should be made in the Romanian society. Six main themes were proposed, and following the over 18,000 votes from the public, these were classified as follows: Education, Health, Environment, Innovation, Development and Social Protection. Within these themes, the users of teimplici.ro website were invited to propose specific intervention areas, and from the 80 areas mentioned on the platform, there were selected 12, according to the importance resulted from votes and interactions. 

In 2014 edition, there were 180 projects submitted by NGOs from different areas of activity and 10 projects were selected to benefit from Telekom Romania’s financial support, in total value of 50,000 euro. Another 8 projects are being supported by Telekom Romania Foundation through a crowdfunding campaign.

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