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There is no excuse for abuse!

Initiator: Touched Romania Association

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Project description

The project aims to make awareness about the scale of the phenomenon of domestic violence and helping at least 20 victims of domestic violence (women and children) to overcome the crisis, to find a shelter to be safe, to obtain required documents (medical certificate) and social rights, restraining orders and to reintegrate into society.


  • Organizing a campaign with the theme domestic violence in the social media;
  • Support in reintegrating at least 20 families, victims of domestic violence (psychological counselling, juridical counselling, obtaining the necessary documents, seminars about independent life skills and therapy);
  • Provide some accessories with the campaign symbol (in occupational therapy seminars) and selling them online, the funds being diverted to beneficiaries;
  • Help for the victims of domestic violence.


  • At least 3,000 people will be informed and will be aware of the phenomenon and of the effects of domestic violence;
  • At least 20 women will benefit for help, psychological counselling and of a reintegration program;
  • Will be organized 6 seminars of independent life and 6 seminars of occupational therapy;
  • Will be made at least 200 bracelets and pins, which will be sold in the campaign, and the funds will be for the beneficiaries.

Domestic violence is seen as normal by the Romanian society, the victims considering that is useless to complain about the aggressor to the Police, because there are no legal measures against them or they believe that there is their fault, and the family, relatives and friends are pretending they do not see this, without understanding the consequences of this violence on children and on the entire society. The project has as objective identifying concrete measures to help the victims of domestic violence and encourage them to take attitude and to get out of this abuse situation.

Initiator: Touched Romania Association




  • Every 30 seconds a woman in Romania is victim of domestic violence;
  • 75% of the domestic violence cases are not reported;
  • 61% of the Romanians consider that the domestic violence is a private thing, and 33% consider that the Police should intervene (CPE, 2003);
  • Only 66% of the population consider that the husband that beats his wife should be punished according to the law;
  • 63% of the children state that they get beaten at home by their parents;
  • In Romania there are at least 6 times less shelters than the standard 1 shelter to 10,000 citizens (according to the country report WAVE 2010);
  • Many women and children are victims of the domestic violence, abuse, poverty and social exclusion and they don’t know where they can turn to, they don’t know their social and civil rights, and they don’t know where to find a shelter.


  • Organizing a social media campaign for domestic violence, contests, and photos with the symbol of the fight against domestic violence and selling these accessories for the women victims of domestic violence.
  • Selecting the beneficiaries from the persons that requested help from the Counselling Centre and the social reintegration for the victims of domestic violence.
  • Psychological counselling for 20 families, victims of domestic violence, for raising self-esteem, finding the equilibrium and hope.
  • Social assistance in finding a shelter, obtaining the necessary documents: medical certificate, file complain to the Police Department, social and civil rights and finally overcoming the crisis.
  • Juridical assistance for obtaining the restrictive order and the custody.
  • Organising 6 seminaries for gaining independent life skills for the beneficiaries (curriculum vitae, finding a job, identifying free training courses, etc).
  • Occupational therapy, making bracelets and pins by the beneficiaries of the projects, objects that will be sold during the campaign and the funds raised will be returned to the beneficiaries.


  • Social media campaign
  • Accepting the participants to the project
  • Counselling and assistance (each participant will benefit of 5 psychological counselling sessions and meetings with the social assistant in order to obtain the necessary documents and rights etc)
  • Legal advice
  • Occupational therapy  - at least 6 sessions for making bracelets and pins for the campaign
  • At least 6 seminaries for gaining independent life skills


20 families, women and children, victims of domestic violence, poverty and social exclusion from Bucharest and Ilfov. Over 3,000 people will be informed about the phenomenon and the effects of domestic violence


  • 20 families victims of domestic violence
  • Over 3,000 people will be informed and will be aware of the phenomenon of domestic violence

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