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The Recycling Patrol

Initiator: The Romanian Association for Recycling RoRec

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Project description

Do you want to collect better? Donate! It is up to you! Help us create the application DEEECollect, an application that you will also benefit from! The Recycing Patrol will create and distribute the application for free for Android and will help all those who want in a legal and responsible way to get rid of the old and broken home appliances. With the help of DEEECollect it will be easy to get rid of electric waste in a civilized way and to help the children from the Recycling Patrol to contribute to the projection of the environment in Romania. The application will read the date of the location and identity (login is also possible via Facebook) and will have 3 main functions:

  • ”Where do you take DEEE for recycling” (will read the GPS coordinates and offer details about the collecting point, the type of DEEE and will have the possibility to rate the collecting point). Thus, it will be ease to identify the schools participating in the program.
  • ”Here are DEEE”- will help us draw a ”map of the waste”. It is an idea coming from the teachers and the agents from the Recycling Patrol. Where the user of the application sees electric waste in nature or in the public space, activates the option, marks the type of waste found and can upload a photo and details about the waste. The application reads the GPS date and sends the information to the representatives of the local RoRec Association. There will be a notification when the problem is solved. The waste map will be seen from the website, in order to motivate other young people to get involved.
  • ”Call us and we will help you get rid of the DEEE for free”. The person who is interested sends information like: address, name, the waste, and these are received from the representative of the local RoRec. The representative of RoRec will notify on the phone, via SMS or via the application the date when the waste will be pick up from home.

The application can be downloaded from the website www.rorec.ro www.patruladereciclare.ro or www.facebook.com/patruladereciclare, by the users of smartphones, no matter if they have a subscription or a prepaid card.

Initiator: The Romanian Association for Recycling RoRec







Approximately 70% of the toxic substances that reach the waste deposits are formed by the electronic and electric devices that are found in the nature. Romania has a lot to recover in regards to the selective recycling of the DEEE waste. The environment law compels us to collect at least 4 kg of DEEE/citizen/annually, and we don’t even collect 1 kg DEEE/citizen/annually, which will lead to paying some sever penalties from our own pocket. The status of the collecting infrastructure, the level of the law implemented, the lack of information and of education in this field are some of the main causes of this fact. The national environment education program “The Recycling Patrol” managed to increase the level of information and education about responsible collection of electronic waste through awareness campaigns and projects. Until now, the Recycling Patrol:

  • Contributed to the collection of over 1,300,000 kg of waste in Romania;
  • Trained and engaged over 1800 teachers and 70,000 preschool children, pupils and high school students from all over the country;
  • Informed over 2,500,000 Romanians about the necessity and importance of recycling DEEE;
  • Received the high patronage of his Royal Highness the Principess Maria of Romania;
  • Received the first prize at the section “Programs” at the Civil Society Gala in 2015;
  • Created a national community formed of over 200,000 people who recycled DEEE and over 500 companies, public institutions and organisations who support the cause as Supporters of the Recycling Patrol;
  • Created the largest and most active community on Facebook (over 39,000 fans);
  • Was nominated with its online platform at Webstock.

The application DEEECollect will be a new promoting instrument for promoting responsibility towards environment and will mobilize communities to selectively collect electric waste. Also, will help increase the DEEE quota in Romania, according to the obligations of our country as an EU member state.


  • Creating the application
  • Testing the application
  • Loading the application online version 1.0 in the marketplace Google
  • Create a dedicated page for the application on the website www.patruladereciclare.ro, from where it will be downloaded for free
  • Communicating and promoting the application to the community of the Patrol and to its supporters and the public
  • News based on the statistics
  • Publishing testimonials from the users
  • Monitoring the use of the application and the evaluation after the first year
  • Improving the application


  • Creating the application
  • Launching the application
  • Activities to promote the download and use the application, monitoring and improving the application
  • Activities of promoting the application to the supporters of the Patrol
  • Announcing the winners
  • Evaluating and communicating the results of the application


  • over 16,000 pupils and 750 teachers


  • A number of 15,000 users of the application
  • 100 requests to pick-up DEEE from home/office through the application

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