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Recycle your phone for education!

Initiator: EcoStuff Association

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Project description

It is a project that draws the attention to the importance of selective collection of waste through a unconventional sports competition of throwing away the mobile phone, which will take place outdoors, in Timisoara, and addresses to all age categories. The project is part of a bigger educational campaign that will take place in Timisoara, Timis County.

Prior to the competition, will be organized a mobile phone collection campaign in companies from Timisoara, and will inform employees what and how they can collect, the collection points and the importance of recycling to the environment.

Initiator: EcoStuff Association







The pollution of soil and groundwater with heavy metals is one of the most dangerous forms of pollution. Lead, nickel and cadmium that are part of mobile phone batteries are heavy metals.

Once they get in to the soil or at the illegal waste deposits, these heavy metals will contaminate the soil and the groundwater and could create big problems of health, from anaemia, allergies, till infertility, cancer or heart diseases. Children can reach a big level of heavy metals accumulated in their body because they put their fingers in their mouths after playing in a polluted environment.  

Collection of mobile phones ensures safe recovery of materials that can be reused and safely removes hazardous substances they contain. Economically, the recovery of heavy metals, and copper, gold and silver that are part of processors or other components of the phone, pollute and destroy the environment with 90 % less than new metal extraction by mining. However the degree of recycling is very small, only 4-5 % of new batteries placed on the market using metals of the recycling old batteries.

We want "Recycle your phone to educate" sports unconventional competition followed by the organization of hours of environmental education in schools, to encourage the collection and recycling of mobile phones degraded physically and morally and to inform about the importance of selective collection and the possibilities which can do that.


The project has two main components and more stages.

The competition of through the mobile:

  • Collecting the mobile phones;
  • Informing campaign regarding the  selective collection and recycling – online;
  • Organising the competition, the raffle and granting prizes;
  • Phone recycling.

Ecological education in schools:

  • Preparing the materials that will be used during environmental education course – boards, games, video materials etc;
  • Selecting schools in which will be organized the environmental education courses;
  • Conduct environmental education modules;
  • Monitoring and evaluating the community impact of organized environmental education classes.

The main objectives of this projects are:

Objective 1. Collecting at least 1,000 old or broken mobile phones. The motivation of donating old or broken mobile phone is given by the chance of winning at the raffle a new smartphone, every phone donated representing a chance to win.

Anyone can donate phones, enrolling in the raffles or in the actual competition.

The phones will be collected in the following ways:

·         At the collection points set in the premises of multinational companies in Timisoara and Timis County. For each donated phone will receive a ticket at the raffles. The phones will be introduced in an “urn”, on which will be the summary of the rules of the project „Recycle your phone to educate” and information about the competition, about recycling and so on. Each donor who wishes to participate to the actual competition, will receive automatically a competition number. ·         Will be organized an event and the access to the event will be made by donating an old or broken telephone. For each telephone will be emitted a ticket to the raffles with the competition number.  

  • At the competition place.

The telephone donation could be made also in the competition day, until a date established.


Objective 2. The direct participation of the contest of 200 people. The promotion of the project will be made on the internet.  The main target are young people with ages between 18 or 35 years, high school or university studies, over the average income. Besides the online promotion, the projects will be promoted also among the employees of the multinational companies from Timisoara - Continental, Hella, Flextronics, Frigoglass, Coca Cola etc., and in the companies that activate in the IT field.


Objective 3. Informing at least 1,000 employees from the companies in Timişoara and the surroundings about the selective collection and waste recycling. Informing and educating employees happens simultaneous with organizing the collection of old or broken mobile phones in the companies that will be involved in the project through direct talks, screenings, information material etc., continuing information and the day of the competition.


Objective 4. The participation to the environment education lessons of at least 1,000 pupils from Timisoara or Timis County. The selection of the schools in which will be held the environment education lessons will be made after a competition among schools. We will concentrate on the schools that show interest and involvement, and also on the schools from the areas/villages that need this kind of environment education among pupils but also in the local community.  The environment lessons will cover all the types of recycling waste, the effects of the pollution on the environment, the simple and efficient ways to decrease pollution and to contribute to the environment protection. Depending on the amounts donated as a result of the Teledon, the number of pupils who will benefit from the environment education lessons could be less or more than 1,000.


Establish the rules of the competition 2 or 3 months prior to the event etc.

 The official announcement about the launch of the campaign and the competition “Recycle your telephone for education” will take place 2 months prior to the event during a press conference. In the same day will be launched the Facebook page of the project. In the same day will be launched the Facebook page, will be created an event on Facebook, the collection containers will be installed in the locations etc. During this period on the Facebook page will be published information regarding the selective collection, the recycling of DEEE and the impact on the environment.

Two weeks before the event will be organized a trial competition for the organizers and the media. A few promotion videos will be distributed on YouTube, Facebook, and in the media.

A week before the competition will be organized an event and the “entrance” at the event will be made based on the donation of a mobile telephone. The extraction of the winners at the raffles and the ceremony will be held in the same day with the competition. The environment education lessons will be held during April-May 2016.





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