Speech therapy for 30 children with Down syndrome

Telekom Romania Foundation has provided therapy sessions with a speech therapist for about 30 children with Down syndrome from Caritas Association Day Centre. [...]


MediWeb - the first computer system for patient management, implemented at the “Grigore Alexandrescu” Emergency Clinical Hospital for Children, with the support of the Telekom Romania Foundation

The “Grigore Alexandrescu” Emergency Clinical Hospital for Children in Bucharest inaugurated today the computer system for patient management, MediWeb, implemented with the support of the Telekom Romania Foundation. "Grigore Alexandrescu" is, thus, the first public hospital that streamlines patient management and waiting time, integrating technology into the relationship with patients. [...]

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The Foundation was certified to provide information and professional advice services

The Foundation was certified to provide information and professional advice services [...]

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Accredited for IT, entrepreneurial, social and civic competences

Accredited for IT, entrepreneurial, social and civic competences [...]


Donate 2%

Annually, Telekom Romania Foundation organizes the 2% campaign for fund raising in the benefit of children and people with serious diseases, for supporting and developing social, humanitarian, educational, environmental projects and campaigns for the victims of natural disasters. Telekom Romania Foundation continues the projects of the Foundation Romtelecom for Romanians, founded in 2008, its activity being supported mainly by the cumulative effort of employees who donate the 2% income tax to support the projects of the Foundation. [...]

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Donations for individual causes

Children and adults in difficult situations. [...]


Green Work

It is a programme for volunteers, developed by Team Work Association in the Bucharest Botanical Garden. Each Saturday from October and November, Telekom Romania employees, together with their families and friends, participated to a voluntary programme that consisted of green space maintenance activities and assisting biologists in plant care. The project aims to motivate and engage employees in supporting the communities by taking care of a representative space for Bucharest, this place being considered the “jewel of the capital”, through its green and relaxing oasis that it offers to over 12,000 visitors per month. [...]

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I am a child and I need protection! Heavy and dangerous work in agriculture are NOT for me!

It is a project developed together with SOS Children Villages, in 4 poor villages from Bacau County, and aims to prevent and fight against the exploitation of the children through heavy and dangerous agriculture works. [...]

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Together for Romania’s athletes!

In the context in which the majority of former sportsmen do not receive the help they deserve and they need, Telekom Romania Foundation supports the project “Together for Romania’s athletes” developed by The Romanian Olympic Foundation and offers for a year, a financial support of 100 Euros/month to 5 ex-athletes with serious health problems. [...]

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The run “Sport is good” – Second Edition, 2015

The charity run from Brasov has as purpose the fund raising for acquiring medicines for children with cancer. [...]

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Run for children with autism at Brasov International Marathon

Via Telekom Romania Foundation, the taxes raised at the 5 km race, but also 10% from the value of the competitive races (marathon, relay, half marathon and 10 km), were donated to cover the expenses necessary for the therapy sessions for 10 children with autism, beneficiaries of the Association „Cristal children”. [...]


You choose. We help together!

It is an annual campaign of donations for social causes, launched in 2010 as a result of numerous requests for help sent by people with serious diseases and without financial possibilities. [...]


Teimplici.ro Platform

Teimplici.ro is an online platform developed by Telekom Romania in 2014, in order to make heard the opinion of all community members interested in what is happening in society, to find out which are the major topics of interest and areas where the support of private environment is most necessary. In the first stage, 180 NGOs applied with projects in the 12 activity areas selected. As a result of the jury selection and public voting, Telekom Romania nominated the 10 winning projects of the programme Teimplici.ro, which benefited from total funding of almost 50,000 Euro. The winning projects of the 2014 edition can be found here https://www.telekom.ro/despre-noi/responsabilitate/implicare-sociala/teimplici/. [...]

Castigatorii Burselor Telekom 2014 (2).JPG

Telekom Romania Foundation Scholarships

We have been offering 8 scholarships for students form the Electronic Faculty and from the Academy of Economic Studies from Bucharest. Our tradition of supporting valuable young people with remarkable academic results continues through Telekom Scholarships [http://burseletelekom.ro/ ]. [...]


Cisco NetAcademy

The project was launched in 2011 and helps Telekom Romania employees to obtain CISCO certification internationally recognized, necessary for carrying out activities specific to technical areas. From this opportunity benefited about 400 employees from Technical, Commercial, Network and IT departments. [...]

Cros caritabil 2.jpg

Sport is good Run – First Edition, 2014

“Sports is good” is a campaign which promotes health through sports and a balanced diet, launched by Dolce Sport in 2011. "Sports is good” became a platform that supported and developed dozens of events since its launch. [...]


Humanitarian call for the victims affected by the heavy snow falls

In 2012, the Foundation has offered to Red Cross aid supplies and basic materials (food cans, pasta, oil, sugar, flour, cornmeal, rice and stoves) necessary to people affected by heavy snow from Vrancea, Buzau and Ialomita counties. In addition, the company employees mobilized and donated foods and meal tickets. [...]

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Romania needs you!

In 2012, the Foundation supported the campaign “Romania needs you!” launched by Media PRO Group, for the people affected by the heavy snows. Through this campaign were distributed, in difficult winter conditions, 18 tons of equipment and food in 13 affected towns. [...]


Hope Dam

In 2010, the Foundation supported UNICEF Romania to help people affected by the floods from Moldova with foods, psycho-social assistance, counselling to families and activities for children, aiming to reduce the trauma caused by flooding. [...]

Idei tari 2.jpg

Cool Ideas

The competition was organized at national level and had as purpose to award innovative ideas, encourage performance, reward the passion of young people for IT&C and stimulate their interest for study, research and innovation in this field. Two editions were organized, with themes like telecom and multimedia. [...]

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Child looking for time to spend with my parents

Launched in 2010, the campaign pointed out the lack of time and communication in the relationship between parents and children. [...]


Save for you! Save for tomorrow!

It is an education and information campaign addressed to consumers in the area of environment protection, designed to emphasize the need to rethink our current way of life in depth, the scale of values ​​and priorities. [...]

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Telekom Romania Foundation supported the children with autism at the third edition of Brasov International Marathon

On May 29th, 2016, took place the second edition of Brasov International Marathon, as part of the „Sport is Good” campaign powerd by Dolce Sport, the sports channel of Telekom Romania. [...]


Entrepreneurship from Plan to Reality

On December 14, 2017, the Telekom Romania Foundation organized the workshop "Entrepreneurship from Plan to Reality" held by Adrian Florea, trainer in entrepreneurship, but also a successful entrepreneur with a rich experience in various fields. [...]


Are you ready for the third edition of the Brasov International Marathon?

The event will take place on May 21, 2017 and is organized by Telekom Romania and the 7 Stairs Association under the umbrella of the Move movement well powered by Dolce Sport campaign. [...]


Just one step to the completion of the project in the Botanical Garden

On Saturday, April 1, between 09:00 - 13:00, the Telekom Romania Foundation invites you to participate in the last part of the "Green Work" volunteer program. [...]


Are you ready for the third edition of the Brasov International Marathon?

The first 100 of you who complete the form benefit from free registration for the competition and a dedicated training program, supported by the well-known instructor and marathon runner Radu Restivan. In addition, especially for the participants, we have prepared two surprises: the first 40 participants will benefit from nutrition seminars held by Cristian Margarit, and the first 5 will receive a voucher for medical-sports evaluation. [...]



After a super energizing edition in Bucharest, the Miscarea caravan is doing well, powered by Dolce Sport and supported by Telekom Romania, arrives in Brasov, on July 8. For 12 hours, outdoor enthusiasts will take part in the "Greatest Sports Hour", 7th edition. [...]


The Telekom Romania Foundation was awarded at the Romanian CSR Awards 2017

We are pleased to inform you that in the most important competition dedicated to corporate social responsibility - Romanian CSR Awards - Telekom Romania Foundation won an important prize, competing with over 120 projects entered in competition and evaluated by an independent jury. [...]


Telekom Romania Foundation supports seven humanitarian projects in December for hundreds of children and adults with special needs

For the ninth consecutive year, Telekom Romania through the Telekom Romania Foundation and the P.A.V.E.L. they gave moments of joy to children with cancer. Santa Claus visited the departments of oncopediatrics and pediatric hematology at the Oncological Institute Prof. Dr. Al. Trestioreanu, Fundeni Clinical Institute, MS Curie Children's Emergency Hospital and Prof. Dr. Grigore Alexandrescu Children's Emergency Hospital where, with the help of volunteers, fruits, sweets and gifts were distributed to 220 children with cancer hospitalized in these hospitals . [...]


The first computer system for patient management, implemented at the Emergency Clinical Hospital for Children "Grigore Alexandrescu", with the support of the Telekom Romania Foundation

The "Grigore Alexandrescu" Emergency Clinical Hospital for Children in Bucharest inaugurated the computer system for patient management, MediWeb, implemented with the support of the Telekom Romania Foundation. "Grigore Alexandrescu" is, thus, the first public hospital that streamlines patient management and waiting time, integrating technology into the relationship with patients. [...]


Dear partners of the Telekom Foundation,

World Vision Romania has been running since 2007 the program “I want in the ninth grade, a program to prevent school dropout for high school students, which brings continuity to the support for education that children received in the community development projects of the World Foundation Vision Romania in the last 27 years. [...]


Over 40,000 lei collected by the Telekom Romania Foundation for the benefit of two social causes

The third edition of the Brasov International Marathon, powered by Telekom Romania, was not only an opportunity to bring together over 2,500 people in sports competitions, but also to support two social causes for which over 40,000 people were collected lei. [...]


450 children are preparing for the jobs of the future by participating in the CoderDojo programming and robotics workshops

During the 2018-2019 school year, 450 children aged between 6 and 17 will learn to program in the CoderDojo workshops in North Bucharest, supported by the Telekom Romania Foundation and the Coder Dojo Association. [...]


Telekom Romania organizes the career fair "HAI #JOBLIBERARE"

Telekom Romania organizes on May 17, 2018 the career fair "Come #JOBLIBERARE", in which it will present its offer of vacancies within the group of companies. Telekom Romania is waiting for students and young graduates eager to start a career in group companies with over 150 job offers available in several departments: financial, technical, network development and maintenance, business analysis, marketing, sales, operational services, store network, call center. [...]

Actiune Olt alimente2018.jpg

Telekom Romania Foundation, in partnership with Telekom Romania and the Romanian Red Cross, helps people in need in Olt County

In the cold season, people in vulnerable categories are most affected. The Telekom Romania Foundation in partnership with Telekom Romania and the Romanian Red Cross came to the aid of needy people in Olt County with basic food and hot food. [...]

Telekom doneaza pentru Robert Cadar.jpg

Telekom Romania Foundation donates 42,000 lei for Robert Cadar

The Brașov International Marathon powered by Telekom Sport has a humanitarian component already well known among the participants. This year, the organizers directed through the Telekom Romania Foundation, the amount of 21,000 lei to Robert Cadar from Brașov, runner and photographer diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. The amount represents double the donations made through the Galantom platform and the equivalent of half of the competition registration fees registered after May 4, 2018. [...]

Banci solare.png

On Saturday, April 21, our colleagues, along with children, spouses, participated in the action carried out by the Telekom Foundation for the arrangement of the Botanical Garden.

During this session, a space dedicated to the promenade and recreation was arranged, planting magnolias, and in the next sessions, the space will be arranged with paving and benches. [...]

Maratonul International Brasov.jpg

Brașov International Marathon: taxes directed to two charitable causes

15% of the total proceeds from the competition and 100% of the funds generated by the 5.7 km Popular Race go to Hospice Casa Speranței, which provides free support to children and adults with incurable diseases. At the same time, half of the fees paid for registration through the Galantom platform are directed to Robert Cadar, diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. [...]


Telekom Romania Foundation offers professional counseling sessions to scholarship holders within the "I want in the ninth grade" program developed by World Vision Romania

Between August 6-9, 117 scholarship holders from Dolj County were in Resiga Camp, in the mountain resort of Straja. This summer, all 457 scholarship holders of the I want in the ninth grade scholarship program ", developed by the World Vision Romania Foundation, have the chance to go with their colleagues on trips or educational camps to help them expand horizon of knowledge and learn new things. [...]


Telekom Romania Foundation and Romanian Red Cross offer aid to 100 vulnerable families in rural areas.

Telekom Romania Foundation and Romanian Red Cross organized on Monday, January 28, a humanitarian action through which they offered aid for 100 vulnerable families from rural areas. Within this initiative were distributed over 100 tons of cut wood and 1.3 tons of basic food to people in difficulty in the villages of Năeni, Fântânele, Fințești, Proșca and Vârf in Buzău, Mărculești commune and Sudiți in Ialomița, Gurbănești, Valea Presnei village and Mânăstirea commune, Coconi village from Călărași, Panduru, Caugagia, Ceamurlia de Sus, Camena and Baia villages from Tulcea. [...]


The first green space in Romania with solar benches and free wifi, arranged by the Telekom Romania Foundation

From June 15, the people of Bucharest have at their disposal a new space for moments of relaxation: Aleea Magnoliilor, an area in the Bucharest Botanical Garden where nature and technology meet. The space offers visitors not only botanical exhibits, but also two benches with solar panels that allow charging phones via USB and contact ports, as well as free internet access via wifi, being the first of its kind installed in a green space in Romania. [...]

Miscarea face bine 2019_1.jpg

Telekom Romania announces the next sports event within the ninth edition of the "Movement is good" campaign

Outdoor exercise lovers will be able to enjoy a variety of sports experiences during the ninth edition of the "Exercise is good" campaign. [...]

Telekom sustine micii It-isti.jpg

Telekom Romania and the Telekom Romania Foundation support small IT professionals through a new edition of the CoderDojo workshops in Bucharest

The CoderDojo Bucharest programming workshops are preparing to welcome a new series of participants in the 2020-2021 school year. Over 300 children aged between 8 and 17 will learn about programming in the workshops held by Telekom Romania, Telekom Romania Foundation and Coder Dojo Association Bucharest. These are free and will take place online throughout the period when there will be restrictions imposed in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the dates, frequency and duration of each workshop will be set by the mentors, together with the participants. [...]


The Telekom Foundation has donated phones to monitor quarantined people

The Telekom Romania Foundation supports the information campaign carried out by the Romanian Red Cross to prevent the contamination of the population with the new Coronavirus. [...]


IT courses

During this period, the Telekom Romania Foundation organizes throughout the country, Computer Skills courses for 257 D2D colleagues. [...]

Copii in dificultate.jpg

Children in Difficulty Foundation

In 2020, in the critical situation generated by the evolution of the Covid pandemic19, the Telekom Romania Foundation financially supported the Children in Difficulty Foundation to ensure the protection and specialized care of 19 children with severe neurological disabilities from the Specialized Center for Children with Deep Disabilities Sfânta Margareta in Bucharest . [...]

Poza Asociatia Glasul Vietii.jpg

Telekom Romania Foundation supports the Glasul Vieţii Association

The Telekom Romania Foundation supports the Glasul Vieţii Association represented by Father Damaschin to offer the joys of Easter to disadvantaged children in Iaşi County. Thus, 100 children will receive a package consisting of: new clothing and footwear, food and hygiene and cleaning products. [...]

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